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Seamlessly sign in to your web apps with Telegram

OAuth.name is a free service that allows you to seamlessly log in to your web applications with Telegram. With OAuth.name, you can forget about creating and managing complex usernames and passwords. Instead, your users can simply sign in using their Telegram account, which is already secure and verified.
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Benefits of Telegram SSO with OAuth.name

  1. Sign in with Telegram

    Seamless Sign-In Experience

    OAuth.name provides a frictionless sign-in experience for your users, as they can sign in using their existing Telegram account. This eliminates the need for them to create and manage new usernames and passwords, which can be a hassle.

  2. Sign in with Telegram

    Improved Security

    Telegram is a secure and verified platform, so using OAuth.name for SSO ensures that your users' login credentials are protected. This is in stark contrast to traditional password-based authentication, which is often susceptible to phishing attacks and data breaches.

  3. Sign in with Telegram

    Increased User Base

    By enabling Telegram SSO, you can tap into Telegram's large and active user base. This can help you attract new users and grow your web application's user base.

  1. Sign in with Telegram

    Reduced Development Time

    OAuth.name's simple integration process allows you to add Telegram SSO to your web application quickly and easily. This saves you development time and resources, which you can focus on other aspects of your application.

  2. Sign in with Telegram

    Cost-Effective Solution

    OAuth.name is a free service, so you don't have to worry about any additional costs associated with integrating Telegram SSO into your web application. This can help you save money and improve your application's profitability.

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